Caracterização do manejo reprodutivo de vacas leiteiras no município de Quixeramobim-CE, Brasil

  title={Caracterizaç{\~a}o do manejo reprodutivo de vacas leiteiras no munic{\'i}pio de Quixeramobim-CE, Brasil},
  author={Wendell Fellipe de Souza Alves and Deygnon Cavalcanti Clementino and Fabr{\'i}cio Brand{\~a}o Pereira and {\'I}caro Coutinho Cosmo and Wagner Dias Coelho de Oliveira and Leilson Rocha Bezerra},
The objective of this study was to characterize the reproductive management of dairy cows in the municipality of Quixeramobim-CE. Twenty milk farms in the municipality of Quixeramobim were interviewed regarding the reproductive management. The results show that 30.0% of cattle used to produce milk are crossbred. The uncontrolled natural breeding predominates in 50.0%. The use of artificial insemination was performed in 5.0% of the farms studied, below even the national average, which is 7.8… CONTINUE READING