Características da voz falada de idosas com prática de canto coral

  title={Caracter{\'i}sticas da voz falada de idosas com pr{\'a}tica de canto coral},
  author={Fernanda Salvatico de Aquino and Marta Assumpç{\~a}o de Andrada e Silva and L{\'i}dia Cristina da Silva Teles and L{\'e}slie Piccolotto Ferreira},
Introduction Despite several studies related to singing and aging voice found in the literature, there is still the need for investigation seeking to understand the effects of this practice in the speaking voice of the elderly. Objective To compare the characteristics of the speaking voice of elderlies with experience in choral singing with those of elderlies without this experience. Method Participants were 75 elderly women: 50 with experience in choral singing - group of singers (SG) and 25… CONTINUE READING