Características clínicas y demográficas de los pacientes incidentes en diálisis crónica y su relación con el ingreso programado a diálisis

  title={Caracter{\'i}sticas cl{\'i}nicas y demogr{\'a}ficas de los pacientes incidentes en di{\'a}lisis cr{\'o}nica y su relaci{\'o}n con el ingreso programado a di{\'a}lisis},
  author={Carlos Yesid Coronado and Jadith Cristina Lombo and Indira Correa and Natalia Duque Quintero},
Abstract Objective: to describe the clinical and demographic characteristics of incident patients in dialysis, and its relation to the programmed start of dialysis in the Renal Unit of Tolima in Ibague. Context and type of study: cross-sectional observational study. Reference population comprised nephrology patients treated at 10 hospitals in the city of Ibague and patients attending the outpatient nephrology Renal Unit of Tolima. Material and methods: information collected by researchers by… CONTINUE READING