• Chemistry
  • Published 2007

Caractérisation par voie optique de propriétés mécaniques et thermiques de fibres unitaires à très haute température. Dispositif expérimental

  title={Caract{\'e}risation par voie optique de propri{\'e}t{\'e}s m{\'e}caniques et thermiques de fibres unitaires {\`a} tr{\`e}s haute temp{\'e}rature. Dispositif exp{\'e}rimental},
  author={G{\'e}rald Grandclaudon and Christophe Prad{\`e}re and Jean-Marc Goyh{\'e}n{\`e}che and J. Lamon and Ren{\'e} Pailler},
The experimental set-up is dedicated to the electrical, the mechanichal, the thermal and the thermomechanical characterization of fibres at very high temperature 1300-2500 K). The experiments are realised under vacuum or controled gaz pressure. The measurement methods use optical technics for the determination of: absolute temperature, temperature variations, micrometric localisation, sample imagery, or laser diffraction. After the description of the apparatus, the first results are presented… CONTINUE READING