Capturing the Practices, Challenges, and Needs of Transportation Decision-Makers

  title={Capturing the Practices, Challenges, and Needs of Transportation Decision-Makers},
  author={Nasim Sharbatdar and Yassine Lamine and Brigitte Milord and Catherine Morency and Jinghui Cheng},
  journal={Extended Abstracts of the 2020 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems},
Transportation decision-makers from government agencies play an important role in addressing the traffic network conditions, which in turn, have a major impact on the well-being of citizens. The practices, challenges, and needs of this group of practitioners are less represented in the HCI literature. We address this gap through an interview study with 19 practitioners from Transports Québec, a government agency responsible for transportation infrastructures in Québec, Canada. We found that… 
Helping Professionals Select Persona Interview Questions Using Natural Language Processing
A manually extract 276 interview questions and categorize them into 10 themes, making this list publicly available for researchers and practitioners, and demonstrates an approach of using natural language processing to assist in selecting persona interview questions for a given use case.


  • 2019
On-road Stress Analysis for In-car Interventions During the Commute
This paper addresses the challenge of when to administer in-car just-in-time stress management interventions with a data driven approach that takes into consideration driving-induced stress, driver (cognitive) availability, and indicators of risky driving behavior such as lane departures and high steering reversal rates.
  • 2018
Les coûts de la congestion évalués à 4,2 milliards pour 2018
  • La Presse
  • 2018
Towards Road Traffic Management with Forecasting on Wall Displays
A prototype that incorporates traffic simulations for forecasting results of possible actions, and offers two techniques that visually combine simulated and real situations, taking advantage of the large display space: multiple independent views and DragMagic, a variation of magic lenses.
Planning with Crowdsourced Data: Rhetoric and Representation in Transportation Planning
This paper looks at how data from a purpose-built smartphone app deployed were incorporated into a three-day urban planning event and demonstrates the challenge and potential for turning to crowdsourced data as a form of participation and as a re-source for urban planning.
Spatial distribution complexities of traffic congestion and bottlenecks in different network topologies
The simulation results show that the random network is an optimal traffic structure, in which the traffic congestion is smaller than others, and the regular network is the worst topology which is prone to be congested.
  • 2013
Experiential perspectives on road congestions
This paper foster the experiential perspective on road congestions, and go beyond current automotive HCI research, which mainly focuses on safety, functionality, and usability.
Geowiki + route analysis = improved transportation planning
The design of a novel route analysis tool based on a community-driven, geographic wiki to assist transportation planners to make better decisions is described.