Capsules and virulence in the HAP group of bacteria.

  title={Capsules and virulence in the HAP group of bacteria.},
  author={Thomas J. Inzana},
  journal={Canadian journal of veterinary research = Revue canadienne de recherche veterinaire},
  volume={54 Suppl},
  • Thomas J. Inzana
  • Published 1990 in
    Canadian journal of veterinary research = Revue…
Many species in the genera Haemophilus, Actinobacillus, and Pasteurella produce serotype-specific, negatively-charged, polysaccharide capsules. In pure form, these capsules are nontoxic, relatively inert biologically, and some are poorly immunogenic. The capsule forms the outer-most surface of the bacterium, and prior to the development of specific antibody, inhibits the bactericidal and opsonic activity of normal serum. In contrast, noncapsulated isogenic mutants are generally avirulent, and… CONTINUE READING

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