Capsicum annuum dehydrin, an osmotic-stress gene in hot pepper plants.

  title={Capsicum annuum dehydrin, an osmotic-stress gene in hot pepper plants.},
  author={Eunsook Chung and Soo-Yong Kim and So Young Yi and Doil Choi},
  journal={Molecules and cells},
  volume={15 3},
Osmotic stress-related genes were selected from an EST database constructed from 7 cDNA libraries from different tissues of the hot pepper. A full-length cDNA of Capsicum annuum dehydrin (Cadhn), a late embryogenesis abundant (lea) gene, was selected from the 5' single pass sequenced cDNA clones and sequenced. The deduced polypeptide has 87% identity with potato dehydrin C17, but very little identity with the dehydrin genes of other organisms. It contains a serine-tract (S-segment) and 3… CONTINUE READING


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