Capnography monitoring in nonintubated patients with respiratory distress.

  title={Capnography monitoring in nonintubated patients with respiratory distress.},
  author={Patricia Jabre and Line Jacob and Harold Auger and Christine Jaulin and M{\'e}lanie Monribot and Amandine Aurore and Alain Margenet and Jean Marty and Xavier Combes},
  journal={The American journal of emergency medicine},
  volume={27 9},
OBJECTIVE The objective was to assess agreement between end-tidal carbon dioxide values measured by a handheld capnometer (Petco(2)) and values measured by a blood gas analyzer (Paco(2)) in nonintubated patients with respiratory distress in an out-of-hospital setting. METHODS This prospective study compared Petco(2) values obtained by an end-tidal capnometer (Microcap Plus; Oridion Capnography Inc, Needham, Mass) to Paco(2) values by the Bland and Altman statistical method. RESULTS A total… CONTINUE READING

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