Capitalizing on Categories of Social Construction: A Review and Integration of Organizational Research on Symbolic Management Strategies

  title={Capitalizing on Categories of Social Construction: A Review and Integration of Organizational Research on Symbolic Management Strategies},
  author={Andrew K. Schnackenberg and Jonathan Bundy and Corinne A. Coen and James D. Westphal},
  journal={Organizations \& Markets: Policies \& Processes eJournal},
Symbols are habitually used by organizations to transform the meaning of their actions and intentions in ways that enable them to manage complex stakeholder relationships and achieve competitive ad... 

Symbolic action and organizational resources acquisition and exploitation

The study presents a conceptual model describing the role of symbolic activities in the process of resource acquisition and management, based on literature, both conceptual and research.

Sense and sensibility: How CEOs construct meaning through symbols in organizational change

This paper investigates the rational and emotional functions of symbols in organizational change and how collective sensemaking and acceptance of organizational changes are facilitated by the

Green by Affiliation? Ownership Identity and Environmental Management System Adoption in Chinese Business Groups

How does owner identity affect environmental management system (EMS) adoption by business group affiliates? While current research on EMS adoption is mostly focused on stand-alone Western firms, a

Strategic ambiguity in policy formulation: exploring the function of the term “township and village enterprises” in china’s industrial ownership reforms

Abstract Ambiguity in policy formulation is a strategy setup with multifarious institutional flexibilities that maintain the credibility of functioning institutions. In the framework of the

Brewing a Craft Impression: A Multilevel Study About the Orchestration of Organizational Impression Management Through Authenticity

  • Kai Lamertz
  • Sociology
    Group & Organization Management
  • 2021
Organizations face the tricky challenge of portraying a coherent appearance of identity to make an authentic impression on their audiences. This study argues that authenticity is a cross-level

The effects of time on managers and investors in corporate social responsibility

An emerging body of literature has started to examine the cognitive drivers and financial outcomes of corporate social responsibility (CSR). This Ph.D. research aims to shed light on the overall

Assessing the impact of change management on employee performance

The results showed that Change in organizational structure has a significance on the quality of employee service delivery in Nile University of Nigeria, there is a relationship between technological change and quality ofemployee service Delivery in NileUniversity of Nigeria even though the relationship was not very strong.


Impression management strategy is an important way to cope with the stigma of failed entrepreneurial firms. However, most existing studies only focused on the process of impression management with a

Public Opinion and Impression Management in the Communication of Performance During the Second Iraq War

Although studies show that organizations engaged in controversial actions often aim to minimize the release of threatening information, scholars know relatively little about what may prompt

Virtue Rhetoric in Investor Communications: Setting Up for a Letdown?

Many companies prominently espouse their virtuous character in communications with investors, with a view toward influencing investor perceptions about the firm’s standards of behavior. While there