Capitalism, Patriarchy, and Job Segregation by Sex

  title={Capitalism, Patriarchy, and Job Segregation by Sex},
  author={Heidi Hartmann},
  journal={Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society},
  pages={137 - 169}
  • H. Hartmann
  • Published 1976
  • Sociology
  • Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society
The division of labor by sex appears to have been universal throughout human history. In our society the sexual division of labor is hierarchical, with men on top and women on the bottom. Anthropology and history suggest, however, that this division was not always a hierarchical one. The development and importance of a sex-ordered division of labor is the subject of this paper. It is my contention that the roots of women's present social status lie in this sex-ordered division of labor. It is… Expand
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