Capillary refilling time in newborn babies: normal values.

  title={Capillary refilling time in newborn babies: normal values.},
  author={K S Strozik and Clarissa H. Pieper and Jonas Roller},
  journal={Archives of disease in childhood. Fetal and neonatal edition},
  volume={76 3},
AIM To assess the normal values of capillary refilling time (CRT) in healthy newborn babies; to assess the effect of different nursery containers (incubator, radiant warmer, crib), phototherapy, birthweight, gestational age, size for gestational age and sex on CRT; to compare CRT at different body sites as well as to assess the variation between observers. METHODS Healthy neonates (n = 469) of different gestational ages and different sizes for gestational age, were studied 1 to 7 days after… CONTINUE READING


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