Capillary hemodynamics and oxygen pressures in the aging microcirculation.

  title={Capillary hemodynamics and oxygen pressures in the aging microcirculation.},
  author={David C Poole and Bradley J Behnke and Timothy I Musch},
  volume={13 4},
Healthy aging acts to redistribute blood flow (Q) and thus O2 delivery (QO2 ) among and within the exercising muscles such that QO2 to highly oxidative muscle fibers may be compromised. Within the microcirculation of old muscles capillary hemodynamics are altered and the matching of QO2 to oxidative requirements (VO2) is impaired such that at exercise onset the microvascular O2 pressure falls below that seen in their younger counterparts. This is important because the microvascular O2 pressure… CONTINUE READING


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