Capillary gas chromatography of s-triazines.

  title={Capillary gas chromatography of s-triazines.},
  author={Eva Matisov{\'a} and J Krupc{\'i}k},
  journal={Journal of chromatography},
In order to achieve better resolution and lower detection limits for s-triazines, glass capillary columns made of soft soda-lime glass and etched with gaseous hydrogen chloride have been introduced. Columns with non-polar (OV-101, SE-30) mixed (Carbowax 20M + SE-30) and polar stationary liquids (Carbowax 20M) were used. The thickness of the ultra-thin film columns was determined by weighing the capillaries before and after coating of the capillary with stationary phase and conditioning, and… CONTINUE READING
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