Capillary forces between surfaces with nanoscale roughness.

  title={Capillary forces between surfaces with nanoscale roughness.},
  author={Yakov I. Rabinovich and Joshua J. Adler and Madhavan S Esayanur and Ali Ekber Ata and Rajiv Kumar Singh and Brij M. Moudgil},
  journal={Advances in colloid and interface science},
  volume={96 1-3},
The flow and adhesion behavior of fine powders (approx. less than 10 microm) is significantly affected by the magnitude of attractive interparticle forces. Hence, the relative humidity and magnitude of capillary forces are critical parameters in the processing of these materials. In this investigation, approximate theoretical formulae are developed to predict the magnitude and onset of capillary adhesion between a smooth adhering particle and a surface with roughness on the nanometer scale… CONTINUE READING
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