Capillary condensation of a binary mixture in slit-like pores.

  title={Capillary condensation of a binary mixture in slit-like pores.},
  author={Katarzyna Bucior and Andrzej Patrykiejew and Orest A Pizio and Stefan Sokołowski},
  journal={Journal of colloid and interface science},
  volume={259 2},
We investigate the capillary condensation of two model fluid mixtures in slit-like pores, which exhibit different demixing properties in the bulk phase. The interactions between adsorbate particles are modeled by using Lennard-Jones (12,6) potentials and the adsorbing potentials are of the Lennard-Jones (9,3) type. The calculations are performed for different pore widths and at different concentrations of the bulk gas, by means of density functional theory. We evaluate the capillary phase… CONTINUE READING

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