[Cape Verde].

  • Published 1996 in Jeune Afrique


The capital of Cape Verde is Praia. As of 1995, Cape Verde had a population of 400,000 governed by a presidential, multiparty regime. 1994 gross national product and per capita income were, respectively, $346 million and $910. Per capita income grew at 1.8% per year over the period 1985-94. In 1994, Cape Verde owed $169.9 million, then being serviced at $11.9 million. For the same year, Cape Verde exported $53 million in goods and services and imported $188 million. As of 1995, the population was growing in size by 5.5% annually. In 1992-93, life expectancy at birth was 64.7 years and the infant mortality rate was 130 per 1000 births. Other data are presented on the country's topography, climate and vegetation, demographics, principal cities, population distribution, religions, political structure, economics and finances, foreign commerce, and transportation and communications.

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