Capacity of the Gaussian arbitrarily varying channel

  title={Capacity of the Gaussian arbitrarily varying channel},
  author={Imre Csisz{\'a}r and Prakash Narayan},
  journal={IEEE Trans. Information Theory},
The Gaussian arbitrarily varying channel with input constraint r and state constraint 2 admits input sequences x = ( x l , , x , ~ ) of real numbers with Cxf 5 nT and state sequences s = ( 5 ,. , T , ~ ) of real numbers with L Y ~ 5 H A ; the output sequence x + s + V , where V = ( VI, , y , ) is a sequence of independent and identically distributed Gaussian random variables with mean 0 and variance c’. It is proved that the capacity of this arbitrarily varying channel for deterministic codes… CONTINUE READING
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