Capacity of large scale wireless networks under Gaussian channel model

  title={Capacity of large scale wireless networks under Gaussian channel model},
  author={Shi Li and Yunhao Liu and Xiang-Yang Li},
In this paper, we study the multicast capacity of a large scale random wireless network. We simply consider the extended multihop network, where a number of wireless nodes <i>v<sub>i</sub></i>(1 ≤ <i>i</i> ≤<i> n</i>) are randomly located in a square region with side-length <i>a</i> = √<i>n</i>, by use of Poisson distribution with density 1. All nodes transmit at constant power <i>P</i>, and the power decays along path, with attenuation exponent α > 2. The data rate of a transmission is… CONTINUE READING
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