Capacity for 5-HT1A–mediated autoregulation predicts amygdala reactivity

  title={Capacity for 5-HT1A–mediated autoregulation predicts amygdala reactivity},
  author={Patrick MacDonald Fisher and Carolyn C. Meltzer and Scott K. Ziolko and John C Price and Eydie L. Moses-Kolko and Sarah L. Berga and Ahmad R. Hariri},
  journal={Nature Neuroscience},
We examined the contribution of 5-HT1A autoreceptors (with [11C]WAY100635 positron emission tomography) to amygdala reactivity (with blood oxygenation level–dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging) in 20 healthy adult volunteers. We found a significant inverse relationship wherein 5-HT1A autoreceptor density predicted a notable 30–44% of the variability in amygdala reactivity. Our data suggest a potential molecular mechanism by which a reduced capacity for negative feedback regulation… CONTINUE READING
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Nature Neuroscience Volume

  • Hariri, A.R
  • Science 297,
  • 2002

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