Capacity-approaching PhaseCode for low-complexity compressive phase retrieval

  title={Capacity-approaching PhaseCode for low-complexity compressive phase retrieval},
  author={Ramtin Pedarsani and Kangwook Lee and Kannan Ramchandran},
  journal={2015 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT)},
In this paper, we tackle the general compressive phase retrieval problem. The problem is to recover (to within a global phase uncertainty) a K-sparse complex vector of length n, x ∈ ℂn, from the magnitudes of m linear measurements, y = |Ax|, where A ∈ ℂm×n can be designed, and the magnitudes are taken component-wise for vector Ax ∈ ℂm. We propose a variant of the PhaseCode algorithm, first introduced in [1], and show that under some mild assumptions, using an irregular left-degree sparse-graph… CONTINUE READING