Capacity Value of Wind Power

  title={Capacity Value of Wind Power},
  author={Andrew Keane and Michael Milligan and Chris J. Dent and B. Hasche and Claudine D'Annunzio and K. Dragoon and Hannele Holttinen and Nader Samaan and L. Soder and M. J. O'Malley},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Power Systems},
Power systems are planned such that they have adequate generation capacity to meet the load, according to a defined reliability target. The increase in the penetration of wind generation in recent years has led to a number of challenges for the planning and operation of power systems. A key metric for generation system adequacy is the capacity value of generation. The capacity value of a generator is the contribution that a given generator makes to generation system adequacy. The variable and… CONTINUE READING
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