Capacity Markets in PJM

  title={Capacity Markets in PJM},
  author={Joseph E. Bowring},
  journal={Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy},
  • J. Bowring
  • Published 1 September 2013
  • Economics
  • Economics of Energy and Environmental Policy
The PJM capacity market evolved from a mechanism to support fair and efficient retail competition, to a core market design component implemented to provide adequate revenue to attract sufficient supply and demand side resources to meet PJM's administrative reliability criteria. The lessons learned in the evolution of the PJM capacity market illustrate issues that are shared across all wholesale power markets. An exogenously imposed administrative reliability requirement has generally been… 

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Capacity in the PJM Market

  • Capacity in the PJM Market
  • 2012

Volume II, Section 3, Energy Markey, Part 2, Net Revenue

  • See 2008 State of the Market Report for PJM, Volume II, Section 5: Capacity Market
  • 2007

Manual 18: PJM Capacity Market The rationale for this treatment of hydro, wind and solar capacity is unclear

  • Manual 18: PJM Capacity Market The rationale for this treatment of hydro, wind and solar capacity is unclear
  • 2012

See 2012 State of the Market Report for PJM, Volume II, Section 4: Capacity Market, Table 4-21 Capacity prices

  • through 2015/2016 RPM Auctions. Prices in the ATSI LDA, in the western part of PJM, exceeded prices in all other LDAs in the 2015
  • 2007