Capacitive-Discharge-Pumped CuBr Laser With 12 W Average Output Power

  title={Capacitive-Discharge-Pumped CuBr Laser With 12 W Average Output Power},
  author={F. A. Gubarev and D. V. Shiyanov and V. B. Sukhanov and G. S. Evtushenko},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics},
This paper presents the study of the energy characteristics of a medium scale CuBr laser (1130 cm3 active volume) pumped by a longitudinal capacitive discharge. The output power dependences on the equivalent operating capacitance and on the ratio of high-voltage and ground electrode capacitances are studied. The best characteristics are obtained when the high-voltage electrode capacitance exceeds the ground electrode capacitance or when the electrode capacitances are equal. The presence of a… CONTINUE READING