Capacitación socioafectiva de alumnos y profesores a través de la mediación y la resolución de conflictos

  title={Capacitaci{\'o}n socioafectiva de alumnos y profesores a trav{\'e}s de la mediaci{\'o}n y la resoluci{\'o}n de conflictos},
  author={Concha Iriarte Red{\'i}n and Sara Ibarrola-Garc{\'i}a},
Mediation in schools requires active and experiential learning which prepares for positive living together, at the same time it allows the development of students and teachers. The aim of this study is to know what impact has been perceived by the people involved personally and in their surrounding. The results highlight emotionals, sociocognitive and moral learning perceptions that promotes mediation and show the prevalence of high scoring in the social validity of mediation.