Capacidade combinatória e heterose em populações de milho crioulo

  title={Capacidade combinat{\'o}ria e heterose em populaç{\~o}es de milho crioulo},
  author={Josu{\'e} Maldonado Ferreira and Ros{\^a}ngela Maria Pinto Moreira and Jos{\'e} Ant{\^o}nio Fernandes Hidalgo},
ABSTRACT Maize landraces are an important geneticpatrimony and gene sources of tolerance/resistance to bioticand abiotic stresses, which should be characterized in relationto the breeding potential. The aims of this study were todetermine the landraces potential per se and in crosses; toidentify genetic materials for intrapopulation selection andcomposites synthesis in two places. In 2000/01, thirty onepopulations per se, thirty one top-crosses intragroup and twohibrids were evaluated using an… CONTINUE READING