Canthares danubiens du IIIe siècle avant notre ère. Un exemple d’influence hellénistique sur les Celtes orientaux

  title={Canthares danubiens du IIIe si{\`e}cle avant notre {\`e}re. Un exemple d’influence hell{\'e}nistique sur les Celtes orientaux},
  author={Venceslas Kruta and Mikl{\'o}s Szab{\'o}},
  journal={{\'E}tudes Celtiques},
The Clash of Cultures? The Celts and the Macedonian World
The Celtic cemetery of Szob is a key site dating to the Iron Age La Tène period in the Carpathian Basin. The site was investigated shortly before World War II and the results published in a
The Archaeology of Celtic Art
1. Introduction: Definitions, Material and Context 2. 'An Art with No Genesis': The Later Bronze Age Background 3. The La Tene Early Styles: Origins and Influences 4. The La Tene Developed Styles 5.
The stone head from Mšecké Žehrovice: a reappraisal
This fine, and deservedly famous, ragstone head from Czechoslovakia makes an appealing piece with its delightful curling moustaches – ‘perhaps the closest that we have to Celtic self-portraiture’.