Canonical linear transformation on fock space with an indefinite metric

  title={Canonical linear transformation on fock space with an indefinite metric},
  author={K. R. Ito},
  journal={Letters in Mathematical Physics},
  • K. Ito
  • Published 1 March 1978
  • Mathematics
  • Letters in Mathematical Physics
We first construct a Fock space with an indefinite metric 〈,〉=( , Θ), where Θ is a unitary and Hermitian operator. We define a Θ-selfadjoint (Segal's) field Φϕ(f) which obeys the canonical commutation relations (CCR) with an indefinite metric. We consider a transformation 349-2 (T = real linear) which leaves the CCR invariant. We investigate the implementability of T by an operator on the Fock space. 

Construction of two‐dimensional quantum electrodynamics

We investigate quantum electrodynamics in two dimensions, (QED)2, in the constructive method. We construct a cutoff Hamiltonian defined on the Fock space with an indefinite metric, and discuss its

On a pathology in indefinite metric inner product space

A pathology related to an indefinite metric, which has been pointed out by Ito in connection with construction of a two dimensional quantum field model at a finite cutoff, is mathematically analyzed

An Explicit Realization of a GNS Representation in a Krein-Space

On the tensor-algebra over the basic space C, a P-functional is constructed. Using methods which are due to J.P. Antoine and S. Ota, a Krein-space theory (i.e., a *-algebra of operators which are

On the Cones of α- and Generalized α-Positivity for Quantum Field Theories with Indefinite Metric

In order to construct a Krein-space theory (i.e., a *-algebra of (unbounded) operators which are defined on a common, dense, and invariant domain in a Krein space) the cones of a-positivity and

Covariance of Euclidean Fermi Fields

Two sorts of free Euclidean Fermi fields, one represented in a definite metric Fock space and the other in an indefinite metric Fock space, are constructed as collections of "Euclidean" fields of

Algebra with indefinite involution and its representation in Krein space

It is often inevitable to introduce an indefinite-metric space in quantum field theory, for example, which is explained for the sake of the manifestly covariant quantization of the electromagnetic

Construction of two-dimensional quantum electrodynamics based on a Hamiltonian formalism

After completing the renormalization of the Hamiltonian of (QED)2 based on an indefinite metric formalism of the vector field, its diagonalization and the properties of the physical vacuum are

On Algebraic #-Cones In Topological Tensor-Algebras, I Basic Properties and Normality

The concept of algebraic #-cones (alg-$ cones) in topological tensor-algebras E®[T] is introduced. It seems to be useful because the well-known cones such as the cone of positivity E®, the cone of



On the Diagonalization of a Bilinear Hamiltonian by a Bogoliubov Transformation

under the condition that a certain hermitian operator has a self-adjoint extension a necessary and sufficient condition that a bilinear Fermion Hamiltonian can be diagonalized by a Bogoliubov

The free Euclidean massive vector field in the Stueckelberg gauge

2014 One defines a free Euclidean massive vector field in close analogy with the Sttickelberg formalism. The propagator has the same high momentum behaviour as in the scalar case, and no indefinite


The (φ2)s+1 quantum field theory model can be solved exactly, where the number of space dimensions is s ≤ 3. Thus this model explicitly illustrates many properties of nontrivial models such as (φ2n)2

Indefinite-Metric Quantum Field Theory

Some recent progress in the quantum field theory based on the indefinite- metric Hilbert space is reviewed in a systematic way. Various problems (as shown in the table of contents below) are

Proof of the charge superselection rule in local relativistic quantum field theory

The paper interprets and proves the charge superselection rule within the framework of local relativistic field theory as the statement that the charge operator commutes with all quasilocal

Linear Operators

Linear AnalysisMeasure and Integral, Banach and Hilbert Space, Linear Integral Equations. By Prof. Adriaan Cornelis Zaanen. (Bibliotheca Mathematica: a Series of Monographs on Pure and Applied

Indefinite Inner Product Spaces

I. Inner Product Spaces without Topology.- 1. Vector Spaces.- 2. Inner Products.- 3. Orthogonality.- 4. Isotropic Vectors.- 5. Maximal Non-degenerate Subspaces.- 6. Maximal Semi-definite Subspaces.-

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