Canonical Divergence for Flat α-Connections: Classical and Quantum

  title={Canonical Divergence for Flat $\alpha$-Connections: Classical and Quantum},
  author={Domenico Felice and Nihat Ay},
A recent canonical divergence, which is introduced on a smooth manifold M endowed with a general dualistic structure (g,∇,∇*), is considered for flat α-connections. In the classical setting, we compute such a canonical divergence on the manifold of positive measures and prove that it coincides with the classical α-divergence. In the quantum framework, the recent canonical divergence is evaluated for the quantum α-connections on the manifold of all positive definite Hermitian operators. In this… 

Geometry of quantum states: dual connections and divergence functions

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A natural definition of a canonical divergence is proposed for a general, not necessarily flat, M by using the geodesic integration of the inverse exponential map, which reduces to the known canonical divergence in the case of dual flatness.

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A new canonical divergence is put forward for generalizing an information-geometric measure of complexity for both classical and quantum systems and it is proved that the same divergence reduces to the quantum relative entropy, which quantifies many-party correlations of a quantum state from a Gibbs family.

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Flat connections and Wigner-Yanase-Dyson metrics

Information geometry

    S. Amari
    Japanese Journal of Mathematics
  • 2021
Information geometry has emerged from the study of the invariant structure in families of probability distributions. This invariance uniquely determines a second-order symmetric tensor g and

Information geometry of divergence functions

This article studies the differential-geometrical structure of a manifold induced by a divergence function, which consists of a Riemannian metric, and a pair of dually coupled affine connections, which are studied in information geometry.


We show that, for each value of α∈(-1, 1), the only Riemannian metrics on the space of positive definite matrices for which the ∇(α) and ∇(-α) connections are mutually dual are matrix multiples of