Cannulated Screw Fixation For Femoral Neck Fractures : A 5-year Experience In A Single Institution


ABSTRACT Cannulated screw fixation is a widely accepted surgical method for management of fractures of the neck of femur especially in patients with poor premorbid conditions, minimally displaced fractures and those from a younger age group. A five year retrospective study was carried out in 53 consecutive patients between 2006 to 2010 to determine the pattern of injuries, management, outcomes and the associated predictive factors.All the patients underwent cannulated screw fixation, with 37 (69.8%) having had surgery within 24 hours and the remaining 16 (30.2%) 24 hours after the initial injury. All patients were followed up to union of fractures and complications thereafter if any. Good outcome was observed in 43 (81.1%) patients leaving only 10 (18.9%) patients with a poor outcome, of whom nine developed avascular necrosis (90%) and one non-union (10%). We found no significant relationship between the incidence of avascular necrosis and age of patient, fracture displacement, numbers of cannulated screws used, fracture reduction acceptability and anatomical location of the fracture. The time interval from injury to surgery and the presence of posterior comminution did seem to influence the rate of avascular necrosis but due to the small number of patients, was not statistically significant.We conclude that cannulated screw fixation is a viable option of treatment for fractures of the neck of femur. KEY WORDS femoral neck fractures, screw fixation.

DOI: 10.5704/MOJ.1407.010

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