Cannabis in Nepal: An Overview

  title={Cannabis in Nepal: An Overview},
  author={James Fisher},
Cannabis has been grown in Nepal, in both wild and cultivated varieties, for an extremely long time; but its uses, and attitudes toward them, have begun to change in recent years. Traditionally, Hindu yogis (more often than not pilgrims from India) have used cannabis as an aid to meditation, and male devotees use it as a symbol of fellowship in their frequent bhajans. It is also used for a wide variety of Ayurvedic medicinal purposes, both human and veterinary. Finally, it is used by older… 
Cannabis Use and Abuse in Nepal: A Review of Studies
ABSTRACT Nepal is a geographically, ecologically, bio-culturally and ethnically diverse country. Cannabis has been a flora, used in various forms and ways and its effect has been variably a matter of
The Religious and Medicinal Uses of Cannabis in China , India ' and Tibet
The earliest trace of cannabis use is an archaeological find of hemp textile in China dating from 4000 B.C. (Li & Lin 1974). Hemp thread and rope from 3000 B.C. have also been found in
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It was concluded that very less number of neighbours extended their arms to help their drug addict neighbours.
Entangled in Big Events: Rise of Heroin Use Among Children of Ex-Gurkhas in Hong Kong
Findings document that big event modeling variables can and do overlap, are interconnected in many different ways, and their relationships are dialectical and are culturally shaped even as individuals may and do influence these processes and outcomes.
Examining the relationship between ethnicity and the use of drug-related services: an ethnographic study of Nepali drug users in Hong Kong
The research shows that ethnicity is a significant factor in drug treatment and that culture-specific treatment that takes into consideration the treatment approach and the heterogeneity of the clients is strongly needed.