Cannabinoids modulate potassium current in cultured hippocampal neurons.

  title={Cannabinoids modulate potassium current in cultured hippocampal neurons.},
  author={Sam A. Deadwyler and Robert E. Hampson and B. J. Bennett and Thomas A Edwards and Jian Mu and Mary A. Pacheco and Stephen John Ward and Steven R. Childers},
  journal={Receptors & channels},
  volume={1 2},
Characterization of the newly discovered G-protein-coupled cannabinoid receptor in brain requires determination of its functional significance. The effects are reported of several potent cannabinoid analogs (CP 55,244, CP 55,940, levonantradol and WIN 55,212-2) on cultured neurons from hippocampus, a brain region that exhibits high cannabinoid receptor density. The electrophysiological effects of cannabinoids were determined by whole-cell patch clamp recordings of voltage-dependent potassium… CONTINUE READING