Candidate vaccines for human Rift Valley fever

  title={Candidate vaccines for human Rift Valley fever},
  author={Tetsuro Ikegami},
  journal={Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy},
  pages={1333 - 1342}
  • T. Ikegami
  • Published 6 September 2019
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Expert Opinion on Biological Therapy
ABSTRACT Introduction: Rift Valley fever (RVF) outbreaks can cause devastating economic loss and public health concerns. RVF virus (RVFV: genus Phlebovirus family Phenuiviridae) is transmitted by mosquitoes, causes abortion in sheep, cattle, and goats, and severe diseases in humans including hemorrhagic fever, encephalitis, or retinitis. RVFV has spread from sub-Saharan Africa into Madagascar, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen. Area covered: There are a few licensed veterinary RVF vaccines in… 
Rift valley fever: diagnostic challenges and investment needs for vaccine development
Based on the identified gaps in the currently available in-house and commercially available methods, this work highlights the specific investment needs for diagnostics that are critical for accelerating the development of effective vaccines against RVFV.
A Hyper-Attenuated Variant of Rift Valley Fever Virus Generated by a Mutagenic Drug (Favipiravir) Unveils Potential Virulence Markers
This work characterized a novel resistant variant of Rift Valley fever virus, showing increased resistance to favipiravir both at genomic and phenotypic level in vitro and in vivo, and was highly attenuated but still immunogenic in vivo.
Identification of Single Amino Acid Changes in the Rift Valley Fever Virus Polymerase Core Domain Contributing to Virus Attenuation In Vivo
The results suggest that both changes induce resistance to favipiravir likely associated to some fitness cost that could be the basis for the observed attenuation in vivo, and provide relevant information for the safety improvement of novel live attenuated RVFV vaccines.
Rift Valley Fever: a Threat to Pregnant Women Hiding in Plain Sight?
The effects that this important emerging pathogen has during pregnancy, its potential impact on pregnant women, and the current research efforts designed to understand and mitigate adverse effects of RVFV infection during pregnancy are examined.
Development of a Simian RNA Polymerase I Promoter-Driven Reverse Genetics System for the Rescue of Recombinant Rift Valley Fever Virus from Vero Cells
The generation of infectious Rift Valley fever (RVF) virus from cloned cDNA using Vero cells, which are one of the few mammalian cell lines used for vaccine manufacturing, will support the vaccine seed lot systems of live-attenuated recombinant RVFV vaccines for human use.
A hyper-attenuated variant of Rift Valley fever virus (RVFV) generated by a mutagenic drug (favipiravir) unveils potential virulence markers
A mutagen-induced RVFV variant (40F-p8) that is not virulent in a highly sensitive mouse strain lacking antiviral response is characterized, demonstrating the observed lack of virulence correlates with the presence of specific mutations along key residues in the viral genome, unveiling potential virulence determinants.
Encephalitic Arboviruses of Africa: Emergence, Clinical Presentation and Neuropathogenesis
  • R. Klein
  • Medicine, Biology
    Frontiers in Immunology
  • 2021
Many mosquito-borne viruses (arboviruses) are endemic in Africa, contributing to systemic and neurological infections in various geographical locations on the continent. While most arboviral
Highly adaptive Phenuiviridae with biomedical importance in multiple fields
A novel panorama is drawn regarding the biomedical significance, distribution, morphology, genomics, taxonomy, evolution, replication, transmission, pathogenesis, and control of phenuiviruses to aid researchers in various fields to recognize this highly adaptive and important virus family and conduct relevant risk analysis.
Natural-Product-Based Solutions for Tropical Infectious Diseases
The impact natural products from the vast tropical biome have in the treatment of tropical infectious diseases and how high-throughput technical capacity will accelerate this discovery process is demonstrated.
Impact of Protein Glycosylation on the Design of Viral Vaccines.
This review will highlight specific examples to demonstrate how glycoengineering approaches and exploitation of different expression systems could pave the way towards better self-adjuvanted glycan-based viral vaccines.


Novel approaches to develop Rift Valley fever vaccines
In this review, problems of traditional vaccines and the safety and efficacy of recently reported novel RVF candidate vaccines including subunit vaccines, virus vector, and replicons are discussed.
Current Status of Rift Valley Fever Vaccine Development
It is argued that the routine or strategic vaccination of livestock could be the best control approach for preventing the outbreak and spread of future disease.
Rift Valley fever vaccines: an overview of the safety and efficacy of the live-attenuated MP-12 vaccine candidate
  • T. Ikegami
  • Medicine, Biology
    Expert review of vaccines
  • 2017
This review describes scientific evidences of MP- 12 vaccine efficacy and safety, as well as MP-12 variants recently developed by reverse genetics, in comparison with other RVF vaccines.
Rift Valley Fever: An Emerging Mosquito-Borne Disease.
A review of recent research on RVF highlights recent research, focusing on vectors and their ecology, transmission dynamics, and use of environmental and climate data to predict disease outbreaks.
Rift Valley fever vaccines: current and future needs.
Rift Valley Fever Virus MP-12 Vaccine Is Fully Attenuated by a Combination of Partial Attenuations in the S, M, and L Segments
The results indicate that MP-12 attenuation is supported by a combination of multiple partial attenuation mutations and a single reversion mutation is less likely to cause a reversion to virulence of the MP- 12 vaccine.
Chimpanzee Adenovirus Vaccine Provides Multispecies Protection against Rift Valley Fever
It is shown that single-dose immunization with ChAdOx1-GnGc vaccine elicits high-titre RVFFV-neutralizing antibody and provides solid protection against RVFV challenge in the most susceptible natural target species of the virus-sheep, goats and cattle.
Evaluation of lamb and calf responses to Rift Valley fever MP-12 vaccination.
Attenuation and efficacy of live-attenuated Rift Valley fever virus vaccine candidates in non-human primates
The results provide the basis for further development of the Δ NSs and ΔNSs-ΔNSm rRVFV vaccine candidates as safe and effective human RVFV vaccines for this significant public health threat.