Candida species exhibit differential in vitro hemolytic activities.

  title={Candida species exhibit differential in vitro hemolytic activities.},
  author={Gang Luo and Lakshman Perera Samaranayake and Joyce Yick Yee Yau},
  journal={Journal of clinical microbiology},
  volume={39 8},
A total of 80 Candida isolates representing 14 species were examined for their respective responses to an in vitro hemolytic test. A modification of a previously described plate assay system where the yeasts are incubated on glucose (3%)-enriched sheep blood agar in a carbon dioxide (5%)-rich environment for 48 h was used to evaluate the hemolytic activity. A group of eight Candida species which included Candida albicans (15 isolates), C. dubliniensis (2), C. kefyr (2), C. krusei (4), C… CONTINUE READING