Candida peritonitis in dogs: report of 5 cases.

  title={Candida peritonitis in dogs: report of 5 cases.},
  author={Katy A Bradford and Jim Meinkoth and Kelci McKeirnen and Brenda C Love},
  journal={Veterinary clinical pathology},
  volume={42 2},
Candida peritonitis is reported in people and is associated with significant morbidity and mortality compared with sterile or bacterial peritonitis. Recognized predisposing risk factors include peritoneal dialysis, hollow viscous organ perforation, abdominal surgery, inflamed intestinal mucosa, antimicrobial administration, and immunosuppression. In this report, we describe 5 cases of dogs with peritonitis complicated by Candida spp; 3 dogs with C albicans, one dog with C albicans and C… CONTINUE READING