Candesartan cilexetil: a review of its preclinical pharmacology.

  title={Candesartan cilexetil: a review of its preclinical pharmacology.},
  author={Ken Nishikawa and Tadaatsu Naka and Fumio Chatani and Yukihiro Yoshimura},
  journal={Journal of human hypertension},
  volume={11 Suppl 2},
Candesartan is a highly potent, long-acting and selective angiotensin II type 1 (AT1) receptor blocker. It is administered orally as the inactive prodrug candesartan cilexetil which is rapidly and completely converted to candesartan during gastrointestinal absorption. In vitro studies have shown that candesartan acts as an insurmountable angiotensin II receptor antagonist, binding tightly to and dissociating slowly from the AT1 receptor. The above characteristics are thought to contribute to… CONTINUE READING
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