Cancerous cell death from sensitizer free photoactivation of singlet oxygen.

  title={Cancerous cell death from sensitizer free photoactivation of singlet oxygen.},
  author={François Anquez and Ikram El Yazidi-Belkoura and S. Randoux and Pierre Suret and Emmanuel Courtade},
  journal={Photochemistry and photobiology},
  volume={88 1},
Singlet oxygen ((1)O(2)) is an electronic state of molecular oxygen which plays a major role in many chemical and biological photo-oxidation processes. It has a high chemical reactivity which is commonly harnessed for therapeutic issues. Indeed, (1)O(2) is believed to be the major cytotoxic agent in photodynamic therapy. In this treatment of cancer, (1)O(2) is created, among other reactive species, by an indirect transfer of energy from light to molecular oxygen via excitation of a… CONTINUE READING

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