Cancerogene Substanzen, Berufskrebs und Krebssterblichkeit

  title={Cancerogene Substanzen, Berufskrebs und Krebssterblichkeit},
  author={Heinrich Oettel},
  journal={Angewandte Chemie},
Viele Hunderte chemischer Verbindungen erzeugen nach der Applikation auf irgendeinem Wege bei irgendeiner Tierart irgendwelche Tumoren. Aus den Beobachtungen von Berufskrebsen wissen wir aber, das beim Menschen durch den Einflus von Chemikalien nur sehr selten Tumoren entstehen. Der Nachweis der cancerogenen Wirkung einer chemischen Verbindung im Tierversuch ist recht problematisch: Einerseits sind viele Stoffe, die im Tierversuch stark cancerogen wirken, fur den Menschen nur auserst schwach… Expand
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Chemische Zusatzstoffe A. Konservierungsstoffe
In diesem Abschnitt werden die „Konservierungsstoffe im engeren Sinne“, d. h. die Stoffe gegen den mikrobiellen Verderb von Lebensmitteln, behandelt. Man versteht darunter „chemische Stoffe, die beiExpand
Über die Grundlagen einer Chemotherapie maligner Tumoren
Uber die Genese maligner Tumoren und uber die Moglichkeiten, sie zu bekampfen, sind in den letzten Jahren so zahlreiche und so vorzugliche Zusammenfassungen (1–10) erschienen, das es sinnlos ware,Expand
Polycyclische Verbindungen, XVI1). Methylsubstituierte 3.4‐Benzpyrene
Die Michael-Addition von Vinyl-[2-methoxycarbonyl-athyl]-keton (8) an 1-Oxo-2-hydroxy-methylen-3-methyl- (5a) fuhrt zur Verbindung 9a, die mit Natriummethylat in absol.Expand
Mutagens and potential mutagens in the biosphere. I. DDT and its metabolites, polychlorinated biphenyls, chlorodioxins, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, haloethers.
  • L. Fishbein
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • The Science of the total environment
  • 1974
This review has attempted to evaluate but a small number of mutagens and potential Mutagens in terms of their occurrence, use patterns, distributions and impact in the environment. Expand


The Carcinogenic Action of 4-Aminodiphenyl and 3:2'-Dimethyl-4-Aminodiphenyl
No reliable experimental evidence that either aniline, toluidines, or xylidines are carcinogenic is found, although a variety of other aromatic compounds have been suspected. Expand
The carcinogenic aminoazo dyes.
The entire series of carcinogenic agents could be conceived as acting through the induction of abnormal protein patterns in a cell, and it is certain that this type of change must involve certain proteins, nucleic acids, or both. Expand
Carcinogenic Activity of Preparations Rich in Cholesterol
The further data now available and tabulated below are not incompatible with the hypothesis that cholesterol itself may be carcinogenic, although the alternative view that preparations rich in cholesterol may contain small quantities of an unknown but potent carcinogen cannot yet be excluded. Expand
The Aetiology of Cancer and Allied Diseases
  • L. Gross
  • Medicine
  • British medical journal
  • 1958
It has long been suspected that cancer and allied diseases may be caused by transmissible viruses, but the main difficulty in accepting the infectious concept of the aetiology of malignant tumours, including leukaemias, has been the well-established observation that tumours are not transmissible from one host to another, at least not in a manner similar to that observed in other infectious diseases. Expand
The Effects of 3:4—Benzpyrene on Human Skin
Tar is one of the most commonly employed remedies in such skin conditions as psoriasis, lichenoid eruptions, kraurosis, and prurigo, and is frequently applied for long periods and not rarely in a concentrated form. Expand
Sarcomas Induced in Rodents by Imbedding Various Plastic Films.∗
Impurities and additives in the films do not account for the production of these malignant tumors, and no adequate explanation of the mechanism of this carcinogenic effect of imbedded plastic films has been found. Expand
Presence of a Carcinogenic Substance in Hens’Eggs
  • J. Szepsenwol
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
  • 1957
There seems to be no doubt that eggs contain a substance or substances that stimulates both normal and abnormal growth, and in the experimental females the ovaries underwent radical changes, but in none of the males, however, could any damage be found in the testes. Expand
The conditional biological activity of the carcinogens in carbon blacks, and its elimination.
The principles of natural and conditional carcinogens, of solvent elution, and of adsorption are advanced to explain some clinical and epidemiological observations on human skin and lung cancers, and on the role of preceding pathological lesions in predisposing to pulmonary tumors. Expand
The Metabolism of Aromatic Amines in Relation to Carcinogenesis
The purpose of the present paper is to discuss the results of the metabolism studies and to discuss their possible significance in relation to carcinogenesis. Expand
The Causes of Death among Gas-workers with Special Reference to Cancer of the Lung
  • R. Doll
  • Medicine
  • British journal of industrial medicine
  • 1952
The number of deaths attributed to cancer of the lung was greater, in each of the seven groups, than the number expected from the experience of the total and the excess varied from 29% to as much as 184%. Expand