Cancer vaccines: an update with special focus on ganglioside antigens.

  title={Cancer vaccines: an update with special focus on ganglioside antigens.},
  author={Roberto J Bitton and M. Guthmann and Mariano R Gabri and Ariel J L Carnero and D. fnL{\'o}pez Alonso and Leonardo Fainboim and Daniel Eduardo Gomez},
  journal={Oncology reports},
  volume={9 2},
Vaccine development is one of the most promising and exciting fields in cancer research; numerous approaches are being studied to developed effective cancer vaccines. The aim of this form of therapy is to teach the patient's immune system to recognize the antigens expressed in tumor cells, but not in normal tissue, to be able to destroy these abnormal cells leaving the normal cells intact. In other words, is an attempt to teach the immune system to recognize antigens that escaped the… CONTINUE READING


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