Cancer usurps skeletal muscle as an energy repository.

  title={Cancer usurps skeletal muscle as an energy repository.},
  author={Yi Luo and Junya Yoneda and Hitoshi Ohmori and Takamitsu Sasaki and Kazutaka Shimbo and Sachise Eto and Yumiko O. Kato and Hiroshi Miyano and Tsuyoshi Kobayashi and Tomonori Sasahira and Yoshitomo Chihara and Hiroki Kuniyasu},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={74 1},
Cancer cells produce energy through aerobic glycolysis, but contributions of host tissues to cancer energy metabolism are unclear. In this study, we aimed to elucidate the cancer-host energy production relationship, in particular, between cancer energy production and host muscle. During the development and progression of colorectal cancer, expression of the secreted autophagy-inducing stress protein HMGB1 increased in the muscle of tumor-bearing animals. This effect was associated with… CONTINUE READING


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