Cancer specificity of promoters of the genes controlling cell proliferation.

  title={Cancer specificity of promoters of the genes controlling cell proliferation.},
  author={Kirill N. Kashkin and I. Chernov and Elena A. Stukacheva and G. S. Monastyrskaya and Natalya Uspenskaya and Eugene P. Kopantzev and E. D. Sverdlov},
  journal={Journal of cellular biochemistry},
  volume={116 2},
Violation of proliferation control is a common feature of cancer cells. We put forward the hypothesis that promoters of genes involved in the control of cell proliferation should possess intrinsic cancer specific activity. We cloned promoter regions of CDC6, POLD1, CKS1B, MCM2, and PLK1 genes into pGL3 reporter vector and studied their ability to drive heterologous gene expression in transfected cancer cells of different origin and in normal human fibroblasts. Each promoter was cloned in short… CONTINUE READING


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