Cancer incidence in blood transfusion recipients.

  title={Cancer incidence in blood transfusion recipients.},
  author={Henrik Hjalgrim and Gustaf Edgren and Klaus Rostgaard and Marie Reilly and Trung Nam Tran and Kjell Einar Titlestad and Agneta Shanwell and Casper Jersild and Johanna Adami and Agneta Wikman and Gloria Gridley and Louise Wideroff and Olof Nyr{\'e}n and Mads Melbye},
  journal={Journal of the National Cancer Institute},
  volume={99 24},
BACKGROUND Blood transfusions may influence the recipients' cancer risks both through transmission of biologic agents and by modulation of the immune system. However, cancer occurrence in transfusion recipients remains poorly characterized. METHODS We used computerized files from Scandinavian blood banks to identify a cohort of 888,843 cancer-free recipients transfused after 1968. The recipients were followed from first registered transfusion until the date of death, emigration, cancer… CONTINUE READING
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