Cancer incidence among employees at a petrochemical research facility.

  title={Cancer incidence among employees at a petrochemical research facility.},
  author={Nalini Sathiakumar and Elizabeth S. Delzell and Brad Rodu and Colleen Beall and Shannon B Myers},
  journal={Journal of occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={43 2},
This investigation evaluated cancer incidence among workers at a petrochemical research facility in Illinois. A cluster of brain cancer and other intracranial tumors had occurred at the facility before the study began. The subjects were 5641 people who had worked at the facility from 1970 through 1996 and who had lived in Illinois at any time between 1986 and 1997. Data on cancer cases came primarily from the Illinois State Cancer Registry. Analyses compared the 1986-to-1997 cancer incidence… CONTINUE READING

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