Cancer epidemiology in South-West Asia - past, present and future.

  title={Cancer epidemiology in South-West Asia - past, present and future.},
  author={Elsayed Ibrahim Salim and Malcolm Anthony Moore and Abdulbari Bener and Omran S. Habib and Ibrahim Abdel-Barr Seif-Eldin and Tomotaka Sobue},
  journal={Asian Pacific journal of cancer prevention : APJCP},
  volume={11 Suppl 2},
South-West Asia, stretching from Lebanon and Syria in the north, through to Yemen in the south and Iraq in the east, is the home of more than 250 million people. Cancer is already a major problem and the markedly increasing rates for diabetes suggest that the burden of adenocarcinomas will only become heavier over time, especially with increasing obesity and aging of what are now still youthful populations. The age-distributions of the affected patients in fact might also indicate cohort… CONTINUE READING