Cancer-cell-targeted theranostic cubosomes.

  title={Cancer-cell-targeted theranostic cubosomes.},
  author={Claudia Caltagirone and Angela Maria Falchi and Sandrina Lampis and Vito Lippolis and Valeria Meli and Maura Monduzzi and Luca Prodi and Judith Schmidt and Massimo Sgarzi and Yeshayahu Talmon and Ranieri Bizzarri and Sergio Murgia},
  journal={Langmuir : the ACS journal of surfaces and colloids},
  volume={30 21},
This work was devoted to the development of a new type of lipid-based (cubosome) theranostic nanoparticle able to simultaneously host camptothecin, a potent anticancer drug, and a squarain-based NIR-emitting fluorescent probe. Furthermore, to confer targeting abilities on these nanoparticles, they were dispersed using mixtures of Pluronic F108 and folate… CONTINUE READING