Cancer biomarkers: surviving the journey from bench to bedside.

  title={Cancer biomarkers: surviving the journey from bench to bedside.},
  author={Jeanne M. Rhea and Ross J. Molinaro},
  journal={MLO: medical laboratory observer},
  volume={43 3},
  pages={10-2, 16, 18; quiz 20, 22}
In summary, the abundance of reported candidate-biomarker proteins in the scientific literature compared to the lack of those reaching clinical use indicates that the aforementioned pipeline bottleneck falls in either the verification or validation phases. To stress this point, Polanski and Anderson compiled a list of 1,261 proteins that have been cited in the literature as being differentially expressed in human cancers.¹ Of the 1,261 proteins, 22% are reported to be present in the blood and… CONTINUE READING

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