Cancer at sea: a case-control study among male Finnish seafarers.

  title={Cancer at sea: a case-control study among male Finnish seafarers.},
  author={Heikki Saarni and Jaana Pentti and Eero I Pukkala},
  journal={Occupational and environmental medicine},
  volume={59 9},
AIMS To study the possible work related reasons for the increased incidence of many cancers among seafarers. METHODS A case-control study, nested in a cohort of all male seafarers (n = 30 940) who, according to the files of the Seamen's Pension Fund, had worked on board Finnish ships for any time during the period 1960-80. Cases of cancer of the lung, nervous system, kidney, and pancreas, leukaemia, lymphoma, and all cases histologically defined as mesotheliomas were identified from the… CONTINUE READING