Cancer and Smoking

  title={Cancer and Smoking},
  author={Ronald Aylmer Sir Fisher},
THE curious associations with lung cancer found in relation to smoking habits do not, in the minds of some of us, lend themselves easily to the simple conclusion that the products of combustion reaching the surface of the bronchus induce, though after a long interval, the development of a cancer. If, for example, it were possible to infer that smoking cigarettes is a cause of this disease, it would equally be possible to infer on exactly similar grounds that inhaling cigarette smoke was a… 
Some phases of the problem of smoking and lung cancer.
  • C. Little
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    The New England journal of medicine
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The objective in discussing the subject of smoking in relation to lung cancer is to present data that have convinced Dr. Wynder that smoking is a major ...
A Review of “Smoking and Health”
ALTHOUGH there were earlier papers in the medical literature, e.g. Mtiller [I], I the possibility of an association between cigarette smoking and lung cancer first became common knowledge among
Tobacco smoking as a chronic disease: notes on prevention and treatment.
Because of the physician's unique societal role with respect to tobacco, doctors may find it possible to impact public opinion and significantly reduce the toll of tobacco by acting at the public health and public policy levels.
The influence of genetics on nicotine dependence and the role of pharmacogenetics in treating the smoking habit.
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The results obtained through this line of research will eventually aid clinicians in individualizing the type, dosage and duration of treatment for patients with nicotine dependence in accordance with the genotype of each smoker, thereby maximizing the efficacy of the proposed treatment regimen.
Twenty-first century tobacco use: it is not just a risk factor anymore.
The current evidence for the role of genetics in smoking as well as comment on available pharmacotherapeutic options for treating nicotine dependence are reviewed.
Cigarette smoking as a cause of lung cancer and coronary heart disease. A study of smoking-discordant twin pairs.
Investigation of the pattern of occurrence of disease in monozygotic twin pairs in which one is a smoker and the other never has been a smoker indicates that the smoking members of discordant MZ pairs are at higher risk than their nonsmoking cotwins.
Morphologic constitution and smoking.
Significant differences in physique were found between smokers and nonsmokers and in accordance with the form of smoking adopted, and among the several varieties of smokers.
Uncovering the effects of smoking: historical perspective
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All the diseases related to smoking that cause large numbers of deaths should now have been discovered, but further nonfatal diseases may remain to be revealed by cohort studies that are able to link individuals' morbidity data with their personal characteristics.
An analysis of the addiction liability of nicotine.
  • A. Collins
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The data indicate that nicotine has addiction liability, but this liability is probably not equal to that of other agents such as cocaine and the opiates.
Distribution of ABO and Rhesus Blood Groups in Relation to Smoking Habit
It was felt that the Baltimore study merited further research before one could regard the association between smoking and blood groups as having been firmly established; accordingly a survey was undertaken in the Republic of Ireland to ascertain if the work of the American authors could be confirmed.


Lung Cancer and Cigarettes?
The association observable between the practice of cigarette smoking and the incidence of cancer of the lung and the Medical Research Council Statistical Unit has been interpreted almost as though it demonstrated a causal connexion between these variables.