Cancer Prevention Research A γ-Tocopherol–Rich Mixture of Tocopherols Inhibits Colon Inflammation and Carcinogenesis in Azoxymethane and Dextran Sulfate Sodium–Treated Mice


We investigated the effects of a γ-tocopherol–rich mixture of tocopherols (γ-TmT, containing 57% γ-T, 24% δ-T, and 13% α-T) on colon carcinogenesis in azoxymethane (AOM)/dextran sulfate sodium (DSS)–treated mice. In experiment 1, 6-week-old male CF-1 mice were given a dose of AOM (10 mg/kg body weight, i.p.), and 1 week later, 1.5% DSS in drinking water for… (More)


6 Figures and Tables