Cancer: New delivery platform targets antimirs to tumours

  title={Cancer: New delivery platform targets antimirs to tumours},
  author={Alexandra Flemming},
  journal={Nature Reviews Drug Discovery},
non-coding RNAs that suppress the expression of target genes. Dysregulated miRNAs are known to cause pathology in a range of conditions, and oncomirs (oncogenic miRNAs; a subgroup of miRNAs) can have a causal role in cancer. Therapeutic strategies that use antisense oligomers (antimirs) to silence oncomirs are attractive, but their targeted delivery to tumours is challenging. Now, reporting in Nature, Slack and colleagues introduce a novel delivery platform that targets the acidic… 
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Anti-tumor Activity of miniPEG-γ-Modified PNAs to Inhibit MicroRNA-210 for Cancer Therapy
This work provides a chemical framework for a novel anti-miR therapeutic approach using γPNAs that should facilitate rational design of agents to potently inhibit oncogenic microRNAs.


MicroRNA silencing for cancer therapy targeted to the tumor microenvironment
A novel antimiR delivery platform that targets the acidic tumour microenvironment, evades systemic clearance by the liver, and facilitates cell entry via a non-endocytic pathway is introduced.