Cancellous bone repair using bovine trabecular bone matrix particulates.


At 5 and 15 weeks post-surgery, biomechanical and histological analyses of cancellous bone defects filled with the bovine trabecular bone matrix (BBM) and hydroxyapatite (Hap) particulates of dimensions 106-150 microm were investigated. It was observed that at 5 weeks post-surgery the stiffness properties of the BBM filled defects were significantly higher than those observed in the Hap filled defects (p < 0.01) but comparable to those recorded in intact cancellous bone from the same anatomical position. Histologically, no significant differences were observed in the percentage of new bone contact with the particles. The biomechanical properties of the Hap filled defects mirrored those in intact cancellous bone only at 15 weeks post-surgery. BBM particles thus appeared to accelerate the early healing of osteotomies. It is therefore suggested that particles of this bioceramic be the subject of intense research for more usage in both periodontal osseous defects and orthopaedic fractures.

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